Moving home and other stuff

This blog started out in the dark days of Pompey’s life when it wasn’t clear whether the club would survive or not.  It has since gone off at a tangent into politics, and it now balances precariously on a tightrope between the two.  The football club is now in a far better state than the City Council is!

I am moving the blog to my own hosting at  The site is already up with all the content from this blog copied to it, and in future I will be posting there. If you subscribe to receive email updates from this site, I’m afraid you’ll have to re-subscribe on the new site – there’s no way to carry subscriptions over automatically.

If anyone has any comments on the look of the new site, they will be welcome.  I’m using a bigger font than I can here, being stuck with the default, and I think Gill Sans is as beautiful as anything man ever designed.  It should render well enough on everyone’s devices or screens, but if it doesn’t please let me know.  Moving to my own hosting will allow me to do other things in future that I can’t here.

The other housekeeping issue is I have changed my Twitter “@” from @lord_palmerston to @stucrow.  This doesn’t have any effect on anyone who follows me (or who I follow) as @lord_palmerston, Twitter has switched the username over without dumping any connections.  It saves a few of the precious 140 characters in replies and retweets and leaves a bit more room for debate.  The point of being anonymous long since passed, since Chainrai was ousted from the football club and I stopped working there.

The Hancock saga is rumbling on, Southsea is flooded, Pompey are in something of a relegation battle, the whole city is groaning under the burden of Lib Dem rule.  There’s plenty to write about on the new blog!  Thanks for reading.

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